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Words are underlined using color based on their emotional content. The color is defined through the affective norms theory's 3 dimensions of valence, arousal and dominance.

Valence determines the color's hue.
From unhappy, blue to happy, red

Arousal determines the color's saturation.
From calm, unsaturated to aroused, fully saturated.

Dominance determines the brightness.
From controlled, dark to in control, light.

death is , needle is table is and happiness is

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Emosaic Visualizing Affective Content of Text at Varying Granularity

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Emosaic analyzes text according its emotional content using a database of affective norms of valence, arousal, and dominance published by the Center for Reading Research at Ghent University. Every word in its database is translated into a color using our custom colorspace.

Emosaic is a research project by Philipp Geuder, Marie Claire Leidinger, Martin von Lupin, Marian Dörk and Tobias Schröder at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Find more details about the concept and methods of Emosaic in this article:

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National Anthem USA Hansel and Gretel Moby Dick, Ch. 1 Genesis


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valence arousal dominance
unpleasant pleasant